In keeping with this week’s theme featuring Turmeric Powder, the Featured Salve of the Week is our very own Ache Salve! 

With a blend of Organic Turmeric Powder Organic Frankincense Oil, this salve inspires a healthy inflammatory response to ease aches & pains. It can be used on muscles & joints, as well as painful abdominal areas caused menstruation. Frankincense oil inspires a reduction of inflammation of muscles & joints, reducing aches & pains while the turmeric powder is also an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & anti-arthritic.  

Magically, Frankincense & Turmeric are known for their protective qualities. Frankincense enhances sacredness, while turmeric if often used for invoking good health & protection. Apply topically - not for internal use.  

*Magickal Tip*: Frankincense & Turmeric can also be used to anoint magical tools & talismans before used in ritual!