Recently, I've been extremely fascinated by fictitious interdimensional time traveling stories. With an abundance of shows like Legion (FX), OA (Netflix), The Black (Netflix), & even the original Twilight Zone (Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon), I am spiraling out into my own thoughts on the space time continuum & theories of relativity. 

As a writer, I am applying these ideas to my own poetry. Recently, my poem "Ouroroboros" was published in Anti-Heroin Chic where I write about time loops, interdimensional travel, & cosmic monotony (I know, that's a headache worth right there). I am trying to connect to various conduits of time travel, what machines we actually utilize to travel through space & time. In my poetry, it has to do with memory, deja vous, a sense of cycle, even our modes of traveling between time zones. I also feel this in my magic & craft.

As a witch, I think about how we use various archetypes & tools for time travel. From turning over our past, present, & future cards in Tarot readings to tapping into the ethereal realm in ancestral magic, I feel tapped into more than just the contemporary moment. I feel both archaic & advanced, while rooted in a present time frame. I feel open to knowledge, nature, & spirituality. Thinking about there being infinately more than just the here, the now, the what's-at-face-value, I have expanded my capacity for knowledge & energetic power. 

I write all of this in hope to not sway anyone or teach anyone anything to do with time, space, divination, or travel in general, but to help open your minds to the possibilities & something to think about, & maybe even inspire you. It may seem as though knowing more makes one as an individual feel smaller, but it's just the opposite. The more you connect to, the more you know, the more you can control & grow into your true bloom!

I also write this to (in a long-winded way) explain the inspiration behind one of our TEA TIME TUESDAY featured teas, the TIME TRAVELERS PROTECTION TEA. With the summer months come more travel & the recycled air on planes can also recycle germs & airborn bacteria, drastically compromising our immune systems.

The TIME TRAVELERS PROTECTION TEA (loose lead tea) with chunks of dried Pineapple & Mango, Hibiscus Flowers, Lotus Leaves, & Peppermint Leaves for inspiring immune health, protection, & healing while traveling this plane or the ethereal. The ingredients in this tea are known for being rich in Vitamin C for immunity boost support & packed with antioxidants for cleansing & protecting the body from free radicals. Hibiscus itself may also help lower high blood pressure & improve cardiovascular health.    

Magically, these ingredients have been used as a strengthening aid, providing zest & energy. They are also used in rituals to attract positive things, such as good luck, love, joy, & health. Pineapple & Peppermint are also used for protection while traveling. This tea can also be a good grounding tea for calming the mind, body, & spirit after intense psychic work.   This tea has a full body tropical fruit flavor with peppermint undertones. Make hot tea, sun tea, & add ice for iced tea. The hibiscus flowers create a deep red tea that is both fragrant & delightful to drink!  

Blessed be, Magickal Beings!